• The 'Being Mindful Matters' Workshop

  • The ‘Being Mindful Matters’ Workshop

    is a science and practice-based mindfulness training…
    …proven to increase mindfulness levels and raise well-being.
    Better understand yourself, others…and the environment you live in.

                             Where: Smart Work Hub

                             Level 2, 351 Oran Park Drive

                             Oran Park Town, NSW 2570     

                         Workshop 1, 9am – 11am Saturday 7th October – Saturday 25th November, 2017

              OR      Workshop 2, 9am – 11am Sunday 8th October – Sunday 26th November, 2017

                                                                                  Cost: $440.00

    Content, Structure and Inclusions:
    Session 1 Attention & the Now, participants familiarise themselves with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness: attention and the present moment.
    Session 2 Automaticity, experience the automatic nature of their thoughts and how these thoughts in turn automatically cause emotions to arise.
    Session 3 Judgement, experience the judgmental nature of their mind, it’s problematic aspects and how to remove these obstacles to ‘open awareness’.
    Session 4 Acceptance, learn what is acceptance and how to apply it to difficult emotions by explaining the goal of acceptance.
    Session 5 Goals, mindfulness is introduced as the key for finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future.
    Session 6 Compassion, experience the inner critic and learn how to effectively cultivate a friendly and caring relationship with the self.
    Session 7 The Ego, exercises will allow participants to experience the difference between the self as a story and the self as an observer.
    Session 8 Integration, discover the connection between mindfulness processes and focus on ways to continue integrating mindfulness in daily life.

    •16 class contact hours (taught in 2hour blocks over 8 weeks)
    •Power Point Presentations
    •Guided Meditations
    •Clarification / Debriefing
    •Take Home Assignments
    •Weekly Handouts

    RSVP and Payment by 29th September, 2017

    Register Now at info@satorihypnosis.com.au

    For information, please contact Achim 0407 906 999 or 4647 4868