• Healing Meditations

  • Healing Meditations for Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Immune System, Insomnia, Memory, Migraine and Stress Reduction

    Join us to learn 16 meditation practices (2 per week) specifically addressing commonly experienced emotions.
    Lay the foundation to quieten your mind and prepare your body for healing.
    Detailed instructions are provided.

    Duration: 8 weeks, 1 ½ hours per class
    Commence: Thursday 1st February 2018
    When: Each Thursday    10am       Group 1
                                                6:30pm   Group 2
    Cost: $330.00
    Where: 26 Governor Drive, Harrington Park NSW 2567
    Enquiries: Achim Schenk  0407 906 999   or   02 46474868